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PROBABLE CAUSE- You have the right to ask the police officer why you were pulled over. We must advise that this be done as politely as possible. The NYPD is not an organization that reacts positively to hostile questioning.


RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT-One of the least used constitutional rights we as Americans have is the right to remain silent. Yet most people believe that they can explain their way out of trouble with the police. As a former prosecutor I can tell you, this rarely occurs. Ask for an attorney and don't answer any questions you are not comfortable asking.


RIGHT TO REFUSE A BREATHALYZER-In Brooklyn, New York, you have the right to refuse a breathalyzer. Once you do this you take away a powerful piece of evidence from the state in prosecuting you with a DWI. Without the BAC results, the only testimony that the state will have is the police officers


RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY- If you are questioned by the police in a DWI case in Brooklyn, request the services of an attorney at every opportunity. The police will want to give you many reasons why speaking to an attorney is not in your best interest to obtain the services of an attorney. Do NOT listen to them. The job of the police is to gather as much evidence against you.