dwi attorney in brooklyn




All misdemeanor DWI arrests in Brooklyn are handled at the Brooklyn Criminal Court, which is located at 120 Schemerhorn Street, in Brooklyn, New York. This is a very old and out of date building. A DWI case will go from the arraignment to what are called AP(All Purpose) parts so they can proceed. If a plea deal is struck, then the case will end in the AP part, if not, it will be sent to trial in a Trial Part.


The building is one of the most heavily used buildings in New York City. It is often crowded and lines can reach around the block in order to gain access because all who enter must go through security screening. If you have a court date coming up, make sure to get there at 8:30am so you will not be late to court. If a case becomes a felony, then it will be handled in Brooklyn Supreme Court at 350 Jay Street, in Brooklyn, New York.