dwi attorney in brooklyn




The typical Brooklyn DWI arrest begins with a police officer pulling over a driver for an alleged motor vehicle violation. The police officer will approacj the vehicle and begin speaking with the driver. The officer will then ask the driver if he has been drinking. This is a very dangerous question. As soon as the driver admits to drinking he is halfway to the jail house.


The police officer will then ask the driver to take a field alcohol test witha handheld machine. These machines are notoriously unrelieable and are not admissible in court. What they do is give the officer an excuse for arresting the driver and bringing him to what is called the Intoxicated Driver Intake Unit. There, the driver will be given a breathalyzer test and asked to do physical coordination tests.


After this is complete the driver will be charged with various DWI charges and brought before a Brooklyn judge for arraignment. This process can take between 18-72 hours and can very very overwhelming to a person who has nevern been arrested before.